Planning & Advisory

Preparing Project Report :-

Will include a comprehensive study of the city overview, site evaluation, the competition, the catchment clientele, the financials for funding with a complete projections of receipts and expenditure for submission to the bank or a financial institution

Business Planning :-

Will include the entire gamut of marketing, operations and financial planning taking into account all aspects of market conditions, size, expected market share, pricing strategy, business development plan, operation plans etc.

Techno Feasibility Report :-

will relate to the planning the overall format with special emphasis on the lay-out of the floor-plan, its size, the façade, the work-flow of guests, staff, goods and services that will ensure seamless operations to efficiently meet the guest’s needs and requirements

Marketing Feasibility Report :-

Will lay special emphasis on working out a market plan based on the current and future market trends to maximize revenue and yield optimization

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