Pre-opening and post-opening Assistance (admin / financial support systems, policies & procedures)

  • Establish Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) operational procedures suited and tailored to specific need of each operating and support department. This includes a Policy Manual.
  • Procurement & Purchase Assistance / Vendor Short-listing Contract purchase through corporate tie-ups will bring tremendous savings and ensure value-for-money, packaged prices. Consolidated freight and shipping will bring further savings in capital expenditure.
  • Preparation of Pre-opening Budget A detailed projection of Pre-opening expenses will be drawn which are cost-effective to derive maximum business development and marketing mileage.
  • Project Budgetary Control Exercise A very important exercise to plan-execute, through the project accountant, a controlling function on the overall Project Budget and advise the Owners of critical areas to ensure that the cost to be incurred are practical and workable.
  • Pre-opening Training Plan The Consultants will prepare a Pre-opening familiarisation and training Plan for all employees including guest-contact staff in other departments.
  • MIS Reporting Preparing and analyzing P & L (profit and loss) statement for the Hotel once operations are established. Recommendations are made to streamline operations, maximise revenues and minimise costs. A full MIS Review methodology will be made available
  • Setting up Systems & Procedures / Technical Assistance S & P Manuals can be compiled through the adoption and implementation of SOP customized to specific needs and requirements of each and every company who has some Unique Sales Proposition (USP) to offer.
  • Technical assistance can be provided in production areas like menu planning, costing, yield management, recipe management, standardisation of end-products in portion size, consistency in taste, appearance and presentation.
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